Thursday, August 10, 2006

markoos update

Apologies for my absence. But have you really noticed anyway?

It really is true, I blog most when I’m in an office.

So I finished last week and have been trying to track down everything I’ll need for my snowboarding trip next week. I know that I’ll be coming back with a broken something though.

So what’s been happening here? Well I’m still sick, but trying to get over it before i fly out on Sunday. Hopey’s birthday on the weekend turned out to be bigger than splendour. Little brother maxi’s 21st on Tuesday saw me pass out in a city cat stop and miss three stops. I got my new toy. Being water and shock proof it’s perfect for me and perfect for snowboarding. So joy!

The real reason I have only been posting while at the office is because my computer has finally given up the ghost here at home. The ram is exhausted, over-worked and under-paid and the system memory is worse than my great uncle Sal who thinks he’s a fire engine.

Replacement parts are on their way but it’s hard to do anything with the computer atm. Just opening files is a hassle, so I had to start writing this 3 days in advance.

Anyhoo… everthing should be sorted by the time I get back from the snow on the 20th. Until then my peoples.

Over and out.


Deb said...

Just FYI...

I HAVE noticed.

Sassan Sanei said...

Does your great uncle Sal really think he's a fire engine? Now that I want to hear about.

mark robert allen said...

sadly our much beloved uncle sal the fire engine is no longer with us. he wandered off during a visit outside and was run over when he wandered off. here's the last photo we ever took of him...

rip uncle Sal. you're putting out fires in heaven now.