Monday, August 21, 2006

MT HOTHAM - day two

our chalet is one of the ones on the left there

On the second day we explored another run. We’d improved a hell of a lot and I was starting to experiment with little jumps.

action shot

This new run was much easier to learn on and turned out to be where all of the instructors taught the kids how to ski so at times you had to really concentrate on navigating in between massive snakes of kids all snow plowing down the mountain. Some of these kids were amazing on the snow though and you had to contain more than a little envy as a 3 foot high kid that was more snow suit than anything else zipped past and sprayed you with a wall of snow – I swear one laughed when I fell over as they shot passed me and sprayed me.

The Basin

Other (cooler) little kids were learning to snowboard and it was amazing to see these toddlers on boards that were no bigger than a double skateboard.

Being a beginner meant that I had to keep my eyes open, but being on a beginner slope meant that you also had to keep an eye out for other people. I saw some spectacular crashes. One girl on skis was out of control and screaming, her arms waving about trying to grab anything in vain. I watched her from the lift chair as I passed over her – yes I was laughing. She was screaming for so long she had to stop and take a breath before continuing her mad screams for help. I lost sight of her just after I saw her plough into the massive pole holding the lift chair up. I’m sure she was fine though, she wasn’t going that fast and the poles are heavily padded. Funny all the same though.

Even at the bottom you’re not safe. Ever now and then you’d be waiting in line and hear someone behind you scream out as they came tumbling into groups of people. It’s scary to have your back to the slope and hear a shout (usually: shiiiiiiiiiiiiit, faaaaaaaaaaaaaark, heeeeeeeeeeeeeelp or getoutoftheway!) get louder and louder behind you.

Lesson for day two: watch out or get taken out

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