Monday, August 21, 2006

MT HOTHAM - Missed the Hilltop Hoods by that much!

Dave and I had all best intentions to go out and sample the local nightlife. For some reason I had images in my head of people dressed in ski suits with goggles still on their heads standing at a bar that was decorated with old skis and boards as they drank some sort of warm alcoholic drink. For some reason I also imagined that they all had Swedish accents.

Turns out I got the bar part right. This place was covered with old skis, boards and even snowmobiles. Everyone looked decidedly un-snow like. Jeans, t-shirts and shoes were the go, so I felt a little out of place with my ski pants and boots on. Oh well, at least I could take my goggles off my head.


We sat down with a jug of beer just as Sublime started pumping out. Wicked. We’d heard from the staff that the Hilltop Hoods were playing at another bar that night but there was no more tickets available. So after a few beers and jagermeister shots to warm us up we made our way to the other pub.

ha ha! i'm soooo gansta!

Finding the other pub wasn’t a problem, we just followed the beats and music which seemed to travel farther and arrive clearer in the crisp night air. Joining the large group of unlucky people that missed out on tickets out side the pub in the snow we stood around listening to the Hoods. Through beer mist breath dave presented his master plan to break in unnoticed and then trotted off into the darkness.

Three minutes later he came trudging back, snow cracking underfoot. Over his shoulder I could see two bouncers pointing at him through the windows. One of them pointed at his eyes to show that he was watching him as the other one shook his head and crossed his arms.

We took this and the freezing cold as good signs to call it a night.

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