Monday, August 21, 2006

MT HOTHAM - Night Skiing

That night huge floodlights lit up the slopes. Being as inexperienced as we were what could possibly go wrong?!!! As we lined up for the lift chair we couldn’t help but notice that we were practically the only ones there.

the definition of awesome!

i might just stay here for the night

An instructor walked past and asked if we were thinking of going up there. When we said we were he asked if we were experienced.

“This is our second day on the snow. Ever” we told him.

He looked at us like we were idiots and told us that we shouldn’t go up there unless we were very experienced and very good.

We thought this out for about three seconds then hopped on the next chair. How many times would we get this chance? We had to take it.

On the way up in the darkness it was blowing so hard that the wind pushed the chair so far back that we thought we were going to slip out the front.

nah, it's not scary at all!

It was blowing so hard and strong that the wind had blown all of the snow off the runs leaving only hard exposed ice sheets. Getting to the bottom was slow, slippery and dangerous so we decided that we should spend the rest of the night in the pub.

only a tiny jump but i managed to get an air-grab in

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