Friday, August 25, 2006

Quick update

hey y'all.

by now you've probably seen all the pics from the snow trip and my lame attempt at a snow report. ha!

the blog has been suffering a bit lately - i've been struggling to catch up for the week i missed last week at the snow and have landed right in the middle of assignment season with mid-semester exams just around the corner.


- dook's birthday on the wekeend was massive. messy and complicated, but massive. highlight of the night was dave convincing a local bar that he worked at another bar down the road and they ran out of vodka. can't believe the barman believed an already heavily intoxicated bloke and gave him a bottle and mixers at midnight!

yeah i know, same t-shirt as the hotham shot. it's not that i only own one t-shirt, i actually own 17 of the one 'Barzil' shirt.

- "mark's mixtape: everything's rock'n'roll" is now finished and ready to for those who have pre-ordered them. really it's a product of me trying to find things to do instead of study. the mood starts off reggae, then gangsta, old school 80's rap, lounge and ends with some piano balads.

- booked my ticket for sydney at the end of the semester. it's a one way peoples so if you live in sydney, i'll be seeing you. not sure for how long. might get a random bar job down there for the holidays and just kick around and chase the dragon around old sydney town until i am ordered out or have burned all bridges with everyone i know down there.

- billboards with my ugly mug should start appearing around queensland this week so keep an eye out for it. it's the gold lotto superdraw campaign.

- anyone want to come to thailand after christmas? trying to put together a crew at the moment for a 2 week trip over there. lemmeno.

- i've changed over to the new blogger beta. the set up is more user friendly to someone who doens't know anything about computers or HTML coding (me). so you'll see a change to the layout of ol' markoos out and about when i get a moment spare.

- to all my blog buddies, i haven't given you any love lately. i'm sorry. i do read the occasional one every now and then but it's been hard to find the time atm. fight the power and keep on trucking.

that's all for now folks.


Odat said...

Hey there: Just D asked me to relate to you that she cannot access your blog from Scotland..has been denied from entering because: "BANNED PHRASE FOUND"......what prudes those Scots are........lmao


Might have to see what the fuss is about with the new Blogger. So far the difference is that this comment page is secure, which could play a bit of havoc—e.g. it won’t even work with coComment.

mark robert allen said...

thanks Odat and g'day justD! enjoy the trip to scotland, hope the weather isn't too shabby.

jack, the new blogger isn't that different. it's just a little more user friendly and makes it easier to edit the layout. but give it a go.