Tuesday, September 12, 2006

censors and thugs

I’m a fan of mash ups. The mixing of two seemingly incompatible songs makes me smile and wiggle.

My favourites:

- 99 problems: Jay Z & the Beatles (the grey album by Dangermouse)
- Animal shack: nine inch nails & B52’s (mess with the best by Home for the def)
- Big pimping: Jay Z & Billy Joel (Best of Bootie)
- All songs on the “Gnarls Biggie” mash-up cd

So when Boingboing posted a site that had a new mash up I checked it out. This one was a mix up of the Beatles and The Beach Boys called “The Beachles”.

I’ve downloaded Beatles mash-ups before (Beastles etc), but before that I had never heard the Beatles before. As a result of what I heard on the mash-ups I went out and got their ‘Anthology’ cd.

I didn’t really enjoy the Beachles mash up and didn’t give it another thought until I was back on Boingboing yesterday and saw this post…

The producer of a mashup
album that combined the Beach Boys' Pet Sounds and the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's
Lonely Hearts Club band
has been threatened with a multi-million-dollar
lawsuit by EMI, the Beatles' music publisher. EMI has also demanded that he turn
over the IP addresses of the hundreds of thousands of people who downloaded the
mash-ups, presumably so that EMI can sue all of us, too.

This follows a pattern set by EMI of indiscriminate censorship of people who do to the Beatles what the Beatles did to the artists who inspired them. First EMI tried to crush DJ Danger Mouse's incredible "Grey Album" (the White Album plus Jay-Z's Black Album), then they took down djBC's Beastles (The Beatles plus the Beastie Boys) and now they're coming after The Beachles.

Copyright is supposed to protect expression and encourage creativity. EMI is using copyright to suppress both. They are censors and thugs. Link

So I guess I’m getting sued? I’m not really sure what to expect or how this all works... All I know is that this sux. I’m not an authority on copyright law, but as a fan of mash-ups, I know how my music purchases are driven and influenced by these mash-ups. If anything they've been a positive infuence and shoudl be promoted and encouraged.

I await the lawyers’ letter with baited breath.


Deb said...

That truly sucks. Hopefully it is just a bluff on their part though and you'll hear nothing further.

mark robert allen said...

yeah well i hope so.

i earn $5,000 per year so it's not like they're gonna be gettin a lot from me anyways...