Tuesday, September 12, 2006

confessions of a strip club barman

I’d seen this scene play itself out so many times before. Middle aged man comes into a strip club looking for something that he can’t find at home. He’s not out to cheat, he just wants to see another pair of breasts. A little variety. Something that he can think back on and remember while he’s performing his subservient marital duties.

He had to be close to the big 4-0. A little too soft around the middle, the girls stopped paying any attention to him years ago but there was still a glimmer of pride in his eyes.

He stumbled over to her leaned against the bar, shifting his weight almost completely onto the bar top. With both arms on the bar, he gave the impression he was almost too drunk to stand.

There was no subtlety in any of his actions as he drank her in with his eyes. But she didn’t care. He was part of a buck’s night and they always brought in the cash. Finally meeting her gaze he paused, choosing his words.

“Do you want to see how many pictures of breasts I have on my camera phone?”

I exchanged looks with her from behind the bar. Sometimes the guys will take it a little too far and be derogative. There are strict rules about that and they’re quickly ejected. When this happens it’s a harsh reminder to the girls about the situation they’re in and instantly destroys whatever justification they’ve given themselves.

But he was a harmless, happy drunk.

She patronised him as he showed her pictures of his wife and kids on his phone. I’d seen this scene play itself out so many times before. Married men that come into the strip club and end up talking to the girls about their wife and kids.

Personally, I find it a little creepy.

But by the end of the night he had tipped her and she had danced for him and he would then go home to his wife and kids all the poorer for it.


Anonymous said...

I agree this is creepy—and it shows that not all is well with this guy’s marriage if he even has to frequent a strip club. (Eleventh attempt at commenting—Markoos, switch back to the normal Blogger! This new one is buggy and I can’t post as me!)—Jack

mark robert allen said...

i know jack. the comments are tricky if we're both using different versions of blogger.

unfortunately the change is like "going black" once you've done it, you can't go back.