Thursday, September 28, 2006

holidays update

i've had this week off uni and I've been making the most of it. lazy days drinking beer by the pool have been punctuated with many failed attempts to clean the balcony after the TMNT party.

that pic is actually one i took while i was staying at tangalooma to play with the dolphins but i thought it suited the mood.

have i managed to work on the assignments that i promised myself i would do? why, no! and have i finished the pitch document for Tony's project? that's a negative ghost rider.


- the tmnt party was a massive success and we're still cleaning up. (pics on the flickr site now)

- parklife! yeah I'll be there with my "staff" t-shirt on collecting tickets at the gate and looking after chopped up people. will you be one of them???

- trip to Thailand in jeopardy. dook's the final one to pull out, leaving me to consider going it alone maybe?

- missy, i9f you're reading this, I've started your canvas!!! 9 months later and it's on it's way!

- i am lusting after some new consumer electronics toy gadget thing. updates to follow.

- parklife this weekend!

- back to uni next week... crap.

back to the pool.


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