Saturday, September 16, 2006


These types of movies / faux-documentaries are reviewed by Margaret and David through furrowed brows and sombre looks and described as ‘gritty' makes inverted comma sign with both hands).

I happened past this movie the other night on SBS. Even though I’d heard about it in the past and seen reviews it wasn’t something that I would have intentionally sat down to watch.

But I was hooked.

The authentic credibility it presented reminded me of the awesome City of God movie. I think because, as in City of God, they used real street kids from the favellas not actors. This movie about street kids in Sydney employed real underprivileged and homeless kids as actors and it adds intensity to the mix of heroin, suffocating hopelessness and brutal, angry ignorance.

I found myself holding my breath in parts and shaking my head at other parts. It’s a fantastic movie that opens up a simple story filled with complicated characters.

If you get the chance, watch this movie.

5 stars

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