Thursday, September 21, 2006

out and about pics

this is my one of my local watering spots here in brisbane. it's old, but it's got funk.

these old offices are amazing. something straight out og the 1920's. there's even a small office that offers "typing services"! heh.

there is an old gas works down the road from our place that is being redeveloped at the moment. the only relic left from the past is this massive old gas tak frame.

there is a really old funeral home on the way to the mall. it's a relic from the past back when this place used to be an industrial estate. it really creeps me out when i have to walk past it.

more street art. this was in the city. i find the city mean, dirty and impersonal. i lived in the cbd for 2 years and although i'm glad i experienced it, i wouldn't ever go back there.

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