Wednesday, September 20, 2006

trouble in paradise

the last time i planned to go overseas to bali it got bommed. now when i plan to go to thailand the military overthrows the government and imposes martial law.

i think it's me.

i'm a cursed!

so do i still go? will it be safe by christmas or should i pick somewhere else and wait for a disaster to happen there too?

link to news story


Anonymous said...

i've got a mate working in the Oz embassy in bangkok...wonder how he's going?

Unknown said...

what the?? its a sign...
Come to Europe instead!
D :)

Unknown said...

You're a big girl. Go.

Or come visit Scotland and we'll hit the distilleries.

Deb said...

Scotland is perfect.. go there. Oh no wait.. I don't want anything bad to happen to Scotland, so maybe you should plan somewhere else to jinx.

Just saying.