Saturday, September 16, 2006

valley fiesta 2006

Heading into the valley fiesta last night we stopped at the china town mall to watch some quality aussie hip-hop by the winnie coopers and tzu. the fiesta is always good, but this year i can't help but feel that it lacks a the hype and buzz that it had in the past years. TZU were great as always.

i asked joelistics if TZU stood for The Zebra Alliance or something but he refused to tell. all he would say is that it was someones name... hmmm. mysterious.

The crowd was massive and people were making the most of the parking garage to get a better view.

We headed to a little backpacker bar called the Colombian bar to watch good Buddha. there was no air con or fans so the air hung thick and heavy, but the beer was cold.

It was pretty messy and people were jumping through windows to avoid the cover charge. At one stage some guy jumped through the window and missed the chair, wiping himself out, collecting a few people on the way down to meet the floor. quite funny.

The police wandered through at one stage - i guess they were fans too? - they were friendly enough and even posed for a picture.

The "bood" put on a great show - special mention to the keyboardist dude. I've never seen anyone get into playing as much as him (see the video).

link to flicker photo set from the night

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