Thursday, October 26, 2006

avoiding study

the ferry stop outside my place

firstly, i love the new firefox. luverly in every way. and with the add-ons it's a dream to use.

my brother tells me that i'm a geek for describing a web browser as "beautiful". i say bah!


exams! again i find myself differing study and trying my hardest to amuse myself with anything that doesn't involve a text book.

a week in the life of markoos:

- waking no earlier than 11am every day: what? that's still technically 'morning'
- i've discovered bittorrent. my movie library is now large and varied. enough said about that though...
- burning and turning by the pool after breakfast (technically 'brunch')
- working on the next stage of the After Hours project (doddy, they need your help!)
- Frankie magazine.
- ordering my "borat" swimsuit for dooties 21st on saturday: yeah, that's right. just try to stop me.
- more needles: when will the madness stop?!!!

locals at the park down the road

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