Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Friday: final assignments due today!

I handed in my last two assignments last week so since then I’ve been celebrating the fact that only two exams stand between me and four months holidays.


The last two assignments for the year were made up a two part group assignment.

Anyone who’s gone to uni has their own horror story about having to do group assignments. But every now and then you get a group of people that can just work together.

The first item due was a presentation. We took a slot of guidance on presentations tips from guru Seth Godin – making it more of a dialogue with the audience rather than a stale recital of carefully referenced facts.

Being the last group to present we took note of all the mistakes made by the groups before us.

- Don’t offer bribes to the audience just to get their attention: engage them.

- Formatting: red font on green background? Seriously?

- Graphs: waste of time unless they have simple explanations. And they’re boring!

- Overloaded slides: why bother present if you’re going to make the audience read it verbatim anyway? Slides should be an enhancement to the message, not the method of delivery.

- Time limits: every group was at least 10 minutes over time

- Don’t read: you’re reading word for word from your notes while the audience reading word for work from the slides… yawn.

Instead of writing speeches, we brainstormed the structure and discussed it until we all agreed and understood it completely. Then we agreed on which areas of the structure we would be talking about in pairs – ran through it three times the morning it was due and presented it.

The result was a fluid, delinear and open discussion.

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