Thursday, October 05, 2006

Thailand. the first post

I booked my ticket to Thailand today.

It makes the trip a little more real and quells the fear I’ve had that this will be just an exercise in futility and frustration that won’t end in me boarding the plane on the 24th of December.

But now it’s paid in full and I’m ready to jet. I have to say a massive thanks to my old agency for giving me some work here and there otherwise there would be absolutely no way that I could be able to realise this in my present state. Michelle, you are an amazing production manager (and my agent! ha ha) and the agency would be absolutely lost without your cool head and superhuman multitasking skills.

The trip has morphed from dook and I making the trip there together to him then bringing his girlfriend along, then when they broke up and he pulled out, I was left to wonder if I should also pull out.

I’ve never been overseas. I’ve hardly been out of Queensland. This would be my first big trip. Ever.

But I’m the sort of person that could happily travel alone to places and meet people along the way. I’m a loud mouth attention seeker that’s never shy.

So I took a deep breath, weighed up my options and then set out to plan my trip, solo.

Being always on the look out for a chance to let loose, Hopey’s now thrown his hat into the ring. So it looks like it will be the two of us making our way through humid Thai alleys, long sandy beaches and loud crowded markets and bars in search of adventure and mischief.

And there you have it. I went to the mall today and planned, booked and paid for my trip. Leaving the 24th December, returning the 7th January.

Australia - Bangkok – Phuket – Koh Pha Ngan – Krabi – Bankok – Australia

This is the first entry into what will become a long account of my trip. So stay tuned….


Deb said...

You are going to have such a good time. I was terrified about my trip to Scotland, first time out of the country, but its not nearly so scary as we let ourselves believe. Take loads of pictures and remember to get me a souviner. :)

Alana said...

Have a fabulous trip. You'll never regret it. I absolutely fell in love with Thailand. Write often!!! I'm starved for vicarious Thailand experiences.