Monday, October 30, 2006

wanker lecturer

I've ranted about this idiot lecturer in the past.

as i sit here studying, going over my notes and his lecture slides i still find myself shaking my head in wonder of his complete stupidity...

a short while ago he sent an email to every student in the subject:

"Just a reminder that the lecture will begin at 6:30pm next Tuesday."

this was pretty straight forward. the lecture would be starting half an hour late. that was all fine and good. but then, a few days later everyone got this email...

"In case anyone is mistaken, lectures start at the usual time of 6pm. There was a suggestion that it was 6:30pm, which is not true."

he was completely for real. no jokes. he couldn't work out why everyone thought the lecture was going to start at 6.30. this wouldn't be a problem for most hairbrained dissorganised lecturers, but this clown was continually telling us how he was renouned for his attention to detail and organisational skills. "i run an ad agency (he doesn't) and i'm the CEO (he's not) and i'm the most organised person i know! (proof's in the pudding matey)."


anyways, here's some verbatim little nuggets of wisdom that lept out at me from his lecture slides today...

"it is impossible to estimate the number of cases that have been written but the number would be in the tens of thousands"

"generating a general analysis of the soundness of what the organisation has done in the past"

"Soundness"??!?!?!!! WTF!!!!??!1

in the exam i'll have to remember to estimate an unestimatable figure that will help determine the "soundness" of a corporation.

if this guy was a student, he'd be failing.


Anonymous said...

no way? I guess it is a university for the real world - it isn't the real world really like that? The Office really is a documentary!

mark robert allen said...

yeah sometimes it seems that way when i'm listening to him