Tuesday, October 31, 2006

you thought we wouldn't notice

what came first? the street art, or the blatant commercial rip off?

the bigger debate here is, if you do art illegally (i.e. graff on public/private walls), do you forfeit any claims you lay to it?

You thought we wouldn't notice is a site that profiles blatant rip-offs by the commercial world of hard working street artists and independent designers.

from the website:

"Intellectual property rights are just as valid as rights one would have in a car or a watch - if one owns something, others shouldn’t be allowed to freely take or make use of that something. Only by enforcing these rights will those who bite others’ designs and expressions reconsider their actions in the future."
here's an example of a well known piece by meek being ripped off for a crappy t-shirt.

see more here...

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