Tuesday, November 07, 2006

confessions of a strip club barman: Melbourne Cup

The Melbourne Cup runs today. i also have to work tonight. that means there's going to be a plethora of drunk blokes in bad cheap suits throwing around money in the bar.

you have to indulge them though. for most, this is their only chance to wear a suit and you can see their personality shift. people who normally drink cheap local beer, put on a suit and start ordering black label (or even blue), then wake up the next morning with a sore head and empty wallet.

At least the tips will be good, for what it's worth. but i can see i'll be cutting a few people off early in the night.

good luck to all attending the race.

cup post from last year

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Anonymous said...

good luck dude - no doubt it will be meeeesssssyyyy! I'm amazed at how crazy australians go for this one day of the year!!!