Tuesday, November 28, 2006

operation thailand - first stop, sydney

so i've had no end of emails about the dootie 21st outfit. thanks for your concern.

i touched down in sydney on sunday night. leo met me at circular quey and we started drinkin at the opera house bar. unbenownst to us, the australian idol final was in full swing with teeny bopeprs left right and centre... and no, i on't know who won.

manly is maness. there's bays and beaches everywhere and i'm lovin finin these little ocean side swimming pools set into the rocks.

ok, first impressions about sydney. there's no bins anywhere. seriously. apparently it's a terrorist threat to have them so they've been abolished. this should result in rubbish everywhere, but the place is bloody spotless.
beach culture is massive. in manly where i'm staying it's like we're living in the sunny coast. surf shops on every corner, everyone is carying boards.
the history is so everpresent. it's everywhere, the houses, the streets, the massive pine trees.

i don't have access to computers or good internet so will have to fin a cafe where i can spend some time describing my adventures in greater detail and upload some of the many many pics i've taken so far.

until then peoples.

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