Thursday, November 16, 2006

out and about

isn't it always the way? the more time i have, the less i blog. it seems that when i have a mountain of study and work to do i always find a moment here and there to post some random stuff here, but as soon as i'm on holidays i neglect it.

i'm trying to find an economical way to print my photos in a large format for display in rics cafe. so far i'm looking at a couple of hundred dollars! grrr.

the street art tv segment is coming along well with filming this weekend. it's had enough to get a hold of these guys, let alone guarantee them anonymity on film. it seems that the police have been using bootleg street art videos to try to identify offenders.

not long until i head to Sydney for a month of lounge room floor sleep-around fun. then off to Bangkok for christmas and newyears with hopey.

Dunja narrowly missed the 8.5 earthquake and series of tsunamis in Japan last night as she jetted off to Helsinki. still waiting for that pair of vending machine underwear d!

Dooties big 21st next weekend. theme? "fluoro fitness" - so of course i have my Borat swimsuit ready to go. it arrived last night and i was a little scared to see how small it really is. oh well, i've come this far right?

anyways, i'm off.



Deb said...

Try for printing out your photos. I've been eyeballing some posters from a guy there, andte large ones aren't expensive.

I hope it works for you. Actually you could put some of your art on there as well. (hint hint)

mark robert allen said...

ahhh, spanks a lot. i will check this out now.