Wednesday, November 29, 2006

sydney - cold, poor, drunk and banned.

i didn't think to pack a jumper when i was preparing for Sydney. well, actually, i did think about it, but it's practically December. it doesn't get hotter than Christmas time so why would i need one?

it's a little chilly down here and even the locals are sporting thick jumpers and laughing at the stupid Queenslander huddling behind a post box trying to keep out of the icy winds.

the waters even colder, but so worth it. the surf has been pretty crappy lately, but I'm sure it'll pick up so i can make a fool of myself in front of a crowd.

cam, hopey, leo, andy and i have been running amok. we're banned from a little Indian restaurant. I'm starting to find my way around down here. and it helps having a bike to burn up the sidewalk with.

i'm sporting a rather fetching graze about the size of an apple on my left shoulder from trying to pull off a Caterpillar move in the mall the other night. turns out i'm a complete uncoordinated retard. i over balanced and fell on my shoulder. though i must say that i recovered nicely by turning the fall into a tricky little spin as i lay there twitching on the sidewalk. not sure if anyone bought it though.

it's kiddies birthday today so I'm off to Bondi to see what he's up to. drinking I'd say. lots of drinking.

I've had a really hard time trying to find a reliable Internet connection where i can start messing around with my pics and post them to the flickr account. so until i have this worked out you're gonna just have to use your imagination.

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