Friday, December 01, 2006

and the winner is... sydney!

surfing at manly

i've been trekking to a tiny Internet cafe every now and then but i can't get to a decent computer down here so i'm going to have to load up all my pics when i get back.

i knocked up a brief resume two to a page and handed them out to all the bars and clubs in sydney. i got a call from one place so i went in to
meet the manager. he explained that because this is the busy holiday season he's got people knocking down the door looking for work.

i was about to leave when he looked over my resume and started laughing.

"you worked on club med?"

this was true. i had worked on the island but not in the bar. turns out the manager at this place arrived on the island about the time i was leaving.

"i wasn't going to give you a run, but since you're a linderman island guy and you worked in the bars over there, you can start on Saturday night."

ha ha ha, sukka!

the indian restaurant we're not allowed back to.

i trekked over to bondi to have a birthday beer with kiddy the other day. can't say i ever saw the beach, but i hear it's nice. we smashed a few pubs and i knew it was getting messy when i turned around to see kiddy waltzing in the nightclub with a homeless man.

time to go.
happy birthday kiddy

i took the manly ferry home and it's massive. dwarfs anything we've got up in brissy. but when it gets rough i gets tossed around like a pair of undies in a washing machine. people were screaming, waves broke over the top deck as the boat crashed over massive swell straight into another wave, water was running down the stairs like a waterfall, doors slammed open and closed and loose objects flew across the cabin. it was great.

when i got back to leo's i had o pack my bags. seems lil'leo forgot to tell his roommates that i would be coming to stay, and despite my incredible charm i had to head to hopeys. i think they're just still annoyed that leo came home the other night and pissed on their couch. plus we had a few beers the other night and started belting each other with those big rubber hulk hands resulting in said couch snapping.

oh well, their loss.

even though this looks like a staged shot, it wasn't. leo then beat the crap out of me.

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Michele said...

Good Gravy!
You've turned into a Wild Man!

Maybe you've always been that way, but I've not seen it so clearly on your blog before.

Looks like things are getting interesting.