Thursday, December 07, 2006

brazillians, rubbish and no verandah

i've talked before about how the majority of the population here in manly is Brazilian or Swedish. well last night i had to work the bar at a Brazilian night.

you've never lived until you've come face to ace with a bar full of brazzo's who can hardly speak English, crowding the bar, shouting "bee-ra!"or waving a five dollar note at you, saying "tu-ays" (tooheys). i resorted to crude sign language and by the end of the night was doing pretty well.

the manager warned me when i started that they're cheeky and will try to get away with as much as they can. and they did. the first thing i encountered was their amazing ability to try to barter fro each drink. the girls were the worst because they'd try to flash a little this n that and then throw a hand full of coins at you for the five drinks they' just ordered.

the other thing they'd try would be to order a drink, then once you'd made it, they would order a beer from the fridge behind you. when you turned around to get the second drink poof! they'd disappear into the crowd of tanned skin and dark hair. gone.

and it pays not to leave your tips on the bar for too long because they would get snatched up like ants by a blue tongue.

it was a crazy night. the bar was packed, bad Brazilian music blared, the cheap beer flowed and Brazilians ate each others faces or samba'd until the early hours. all in all, it wasn't a bad night though and i hope for a few more.

moving on though...

one of the first things i noticed when i touched down here was the distinct change in architecture from Queensland. the street are dominated with these old English style flats with heavy brick and high, small windows that allow little light inside.

i really miss outdoor living. verandas. at the moment, if i want to get an idea of what it's like outside, i have to stand on a chair and stick my head out the window. i guess they're relics from an older time though as you see some of the newer places are incorporating modest verandas to take in the great water views around this place.

and talking of water views. on one of the swims yesterday we couldn't help but drag some of the rubbish out of the water. apparently it's the old drains that just flow straight from the street into the water. you're not supposed to swim after it's been raining heavily (like we've been doing) because of the dirty run off.

leo taking plastic bags out ofthe ocean after a swim

it's funny to see the difference in attitude towards water down here. coming from a city that's just about to move up to level 5 water restrictions (apparently at level 6, you have to drain our pool) and seeing people watering gardens, washing cars, and sprinklers. it's quite a shock.

anyways, i'm off to little manly for a swim. thanks to everyone who's emailed me: yes, it has been crazy and Thailand will be even worse. and yes, the water really is that clear. and thanks, i will harden up and won't complain about the weather anymore.

increase the peace.


Anonymous said...

Man don't get too excited it's still level four at home.

Meanwhile, it's still raining in Glesca.

Michele said...

Oh, your blog is becoming the place to be! I have enjoyed your pics and have dragged my DH to see whenever you show landscape scenes. LOL on the bar scene. My gosh, you are living an adventure. I am slightly envious of you. I applaud your zest for life and living.
All the best to you during this exciting odyssey!!

mark robert allen said...

firstly bart, you think you're so good with aal your 'facts' and um... other facts. well... shuddup. we're 'on our way to level 5' which is nearly level 6. just like 25 is on it's way to 30, which is just around the courner from 40. so ther you go old man. ha. showed you.

thanks michelle. i'm having a ball. living like a gypsie, moving from couch to couch, working odd jobs, but i'm experiencing a new city and meeting plenty of new peopl. more pics to come.