Monday, December 18, 2006

christmas parties

ok, turns out that those drinking in public laws are in effect down here. i found out that the guys were just having me on the hard way when i casually strolled past a cop car with an beer in my hand the other night.


i had my last night at the bar on saturday. after we closed i told my manager that this would be my last shift. the next memory i have is of one of the guys pouring sambucca in my mouth while i laid back on the bar. then i woke up at home. but i got a load of photos from the night, so it must have gone on for a while.

tommy, ivan, jonny, joey. i can't remember taking this picture. looks like fun though.

i won't miss christmas parties. we saw so many christmas parties come through that bar in the past two weeks. picture an insanely crowded bar, full of drunk people in santa suits. it's almost surreal.

hopey's nose has gone down a little, but he's got two black eyes now. ha ha. i don't think anyone will notice over in thailand. maybe. heh.

we had a christmas party of our own on sunday down at little manly. three cartons of beer, a bbq chook and cricket on the beach. it doesn't get much more aussie than that.

beach cricket. more aussie than football, meat pies, kangaroos and holden cars.

i'm going to miss a lot of things when i leave sydney in a couple of days. but i guess i'm going to discover a whole new place next week when i'm spending christmas in the red light district of Bangkok. now that's going to be interesting...

bretty, hopey and me

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