Tuesday, December 05, 2006

exploring manly

today has been the best day weather wise since i arrived. So after my morning swim, i took off to a few of the little beaches and coves to take a few happy snaps to show you guys just how great this place is.

this is "little manly". it's about half a block from hopeys place. beautifful right? there's a little enclosure that was built about a hundread years ago. we've been going here at sunset (which is about 9pm down here!) with a carton of beers and running amok in the water.

this is where the manly ferry ddocks to pick up work weary passengers to wisk them away to their boring little office cubicles in the city each morning. sukkas! the thing that really struck me when i arrived here was how clear the water is. it might be really deep, but you can see the rocks and fish swimming on the bottom below. it's nothing like brisbane river water, all dark brown and toxic to drink. although, hopey and i went for a swim last night before dark and i couldn't believe the rubbish in the water. there was plastic bags and rubbish floating through the water just under the surface. it was the first time i'd noticed it. maybe it was just the tide washing it over from the sydney harbour...

this little beach / cove i can't remember the name of, but it's bloody great. it's a tiny little beach that looks straight onto the main maly beach about a k away. again, clear water, so, so, clear.

this is my relaxing on said beach looking across to the main beach of manly. why would you want to be anywhere else right? i'm sure that thailand will show me some amazing beaches in 2 weeks, but blooy hell, it's gonna be hard to beat.

lets hope the weather holds up until i have to leave at 9am on the 21st. did i mention i'm flying back business class? and while i'm on that, is it bad to milk the free beers at 9am in the morning??? hmmm...

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Deb said...

Wow its gorgeous here.