Monday, December 04, 2006

finding garlo's

true love is a garlo's pie. in case you, like me, had never heard of "garlo's" I'll enlighten you. it's basically a really fat meat pie with large chunks of meat that's put into a Styrofoam container, covered in heavy mashed potatoes and creamy mushy peas and then the container is filled up with thick gravy.

after a night on the p155, it's the equivalent to finding the holy grail.

tommy and leo, clearly happy to get their hands on a garlo's

this was the last weekend that tommy and lozzy were here before they had to go back to the sunny coast so we made the most of it. starting at the skiff bar where i convinced the Malibu promo girls to give us all a pair of Elvis sunnies without having to buy a drop of that horrible drink.

mark, lozzy, leo, tommy, hopey, bretty, dave

another observation of Sydney: beer glass sizes - a barmaid looked at me like i was a weed head after i asked her for a "pot" at the bar the other night. i had to explain that a 'pot' was a size of beer glass up north.

i started work in a little nightclub called cerutis on Saturday night. it's a pretty rough, messy and dirty place. a bit of a meat market, but it's payin the bills so wha'choo gonna do, huh?
the clubs are basically the same down here as they are up north, except I've found that the people are a lot more approachable and easy to talk to. oh, and everyone drinks corona's.

there are only two other people that can speak English in the bar. the rest know just enough to take drink orders. like i said, every second person down here is either Brazilian or Swedish.

it's been raining or overcast the past few days so I've been keeping away from the beaches which sux. I'm sick of hearing from people in brissy that it's sunny and hot as hell. bring some of it down here!!! ahhh, i sound like a winning pom.

I'm living like a gypsy out of my backpack, moving from house to house every couple of days. living on garlo's pies and drinking only when people buy me a beer. it's been bloody fun, but it's only a warm up for the Thailand trip that hopey and i leave for on the 24th of December.

I'm flying back (business class baby!) on Qantas on Thursday 21st December, so i have to make the most of what time i have left here until then.

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