Monday, December 25, 2006

i'm leaving, on a jet plane...

all the joy and nervousness i felt about leaving for overseas was replaced with anger and frustration when, after i arrived at the airport at 11am, found that the flight had been delayed from 3pm to 9.30pm that night!

i bitterly stalked the confusing gates and sulked in the long long lines. my mind was mo longer focused on my thai adventure but just on making it through the next 10 hours sitting in crappy airport lounges.

sitting and waiting gave me a lot of time to read and reflect. my three days in Brisbane had gone by so quickly.

international airports are a strange place. you get a glimpse of people mid-journey while they're in a sort of limbo state. parents either berating their unruly kids or, having given up a few thousand miles ago, sit in a catatonic state while their little monster jumps up and down on the furniture screaming.

i was grumpy and impatient when the flight finally boarded at 10pm that night. my first experience of international travel had been sullies. though i doubt it would have lived up to my expectations anyway.

i made my way to the cattle section at the back of the plane - oh, how this was different to my business class experience of only a few days ago - and took my seat pressed against the window. a nice older couple (john and wendy) took up the other two tiny seats.

we spoke politely for a while before discovering we're all from Mackay. turns out that John even works for Porters with my mate gavin. i was told it was going to be like this. you travel overseas only to bump into someone that used to live down the road from you...

i'm here now though. safe and sound. i've got so much to talk about bangkok already, but that's going to have to wait for another time.

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