Friday, December 15, 2006

kings cross, street art, broken noses & street surfing

the famous coke sign at the cross

i took the ferry and train to the cross to visit old roomates, steve and lilly. i'd never really been to the cross so i didn't know what to expect. i didn't want to play into those stupid stereo types of the cross like people do about the valley. but i'd taken only 2 steps out of the train station when three uniformed police ran in front of me with their guns drawn screaming "get the fuck down! get on the ground!" to some bloke who was made to lie face down and handcuffed while one of the cops kept the gun against his head.

no one around me seemed to bat an eye lid, but a busker who saw me staring stopped playing and said "just another day in the cross, mate".

i met up with kiddy and we made our way back to bondi at about 2am. being a monday night, there was no one about. and being as dunk as we were, it took little persuasion to make us ride a surf board we found down the street, dodging cars and falling on our arses.

road surfing at 3am on a monday night (tuesday morning)

i spent the next day exploring bondi and the cross. but i couldn't have picked a worse day to see bondi. it was overcast, raining and blowing 30 knots. and, yes, again, the silly Queenslander was wearing shorts and a t-shirt while all the warm, cosy, sydneyers were laughing at me in their jumpers and scarfs.

another beautiful day in bondi. the view from kiddy's shop.

i was really surprised that i found it hard to find much street art here in Sydney. this is all i could find from a full day spent exploring the back streets of King's Cross.

sorry ad, this is all i could find...

i ended up getting stranded in the city so i called leo and hopey to come on the ferry to pick me up. and because i had about an hour to kill i figured i'd take advantage of Sydney's wonderful absence of public drinking laws. so i bought a couple of tallies and sat outside the ferry terminal drinking them from a paper bag like the bum i am. good on you Sydney - Brisbane, you have a lot to learn.

drinking from paper bags. mum would be proud.

the weather was bloody brilliant yesterday. all the nsw'ers were complaining how hot it was. so we went back to little manly for an arvo swim. hopey's been trying to perfect his greg louganis (or "gainer") flip for a while now and can nearly pull it off. but on the last jump of the day i was egging him on (isn't peer group pressure a wonderful thing?) to really give it hell, when he over spun, his head hitting the water first and stopping, but his knee kept going... right into his nose.

the result? a broken and really massively swollen nose. he looks like one of the orcs from lord of the rings at the moment, but hopefully it will go down before Thailand.

hopey's knee connects with his nose.

greg lougansi would be proud.

on another note: spacky, good to hear from you mate. good to hear you're keeping that spack legend alive. keep some distance between you and the boat next time, ha.
5 days to go before i jet outta here - that's the first leg of the trip almost over. Thailand here i come.

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