Sunday, December 24, 2006

last night in brissy

it's 12.35am. just got home after a "couple of quiet drinks" at gpo with dook and adam. fuck these boys are mad, i can't imagine the kind of place it's been since we've been gone. l'm quite pissed rught now so i'm sourprised i'm typing as well as i've been.

dook and i left adam at creepy ho and he was all like, "yeah, i'll be fine by my self", then ten mins l;ater while dook was pushing me home in a james street markets trolley, we got a text from ad roc saying "thanks for leaving me". ha ha, split personality bastard!

Adam gets into the christmas spirit. notice the bouncer in the background paying close attention to us.

jager bombs will be the end of me.

gpo barmaid

meanwhile, dook threw a bag of chips at me as we left the servo and as he pushed me down the street he was all like, "man, you know you just stole those chips", i commented that he was the worst brother ever as he pushed the cart into a gutter and i fell onto the road on my ass and rolled into a fence.

dook trying to keep upright on the way home . he gave up on walking and used a trolley for balance the rest of the way home.


so dook carried the cart upto our apartment and put it into john's room and put it on him while he was sleeping, but the worst thing was that even though i'll be going to gaol for the chips, dook was the one that ate them in the end anyway!

the fuker.

john wakes up to said trolley in his bed.

catch you when i get to thailand peoples.

peace and carrots.

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