Sunday, December 31, 2006


christmas night in patpong (bangkok). i was pulling this face because i'd just tried my first thai spicy noodles and i thought my face was going to burn off.

for christmas dinner, hopey and i had fried grasshopper and beer. mmmmm

have we got grasshopper in our teeth?

bangla road, patong, phuket.

the cabs here are a little different.

we got to play with a monkey

getting caught in a thai storm.

view from the "aussie bar" after the storm.

I arrived at patong beach in phuket at about midday. It’s pretty much as I expected, though I wasn’t ready for the in you face aggressive sellers.

this shirt was perfect. we get hastled everywhere we go.

The place is made up of bars, hotels, restaurants and a ton of tiny shops that sell pretty much anything that you could ever want.

You can pretty much do what ever you want here if you have the money. Want to ride on the roof of a tuk tuk? That’l;l be 100 thb. You can drink as soon as the bars open – I say some punters drinking at 8.30am this morning. It’s a crazy place that at times feels almost lawless.
guns. you want to buy guns?

how about a baby tattoo. get your baby tattoo's here!

The beach here is amazing. The water is so warm and the sandy beach is packed. The air is thick with the smells of the street, cooking and shouting from the vendors. Music fades in and out as you pass by the stores, which are little more than holes in the wall packed with knock off billabong boardies and Singa beer singlet’s.

the hostel where we were staying in phuket. it's just a set of green stairs next to a pizza overn leading up to a dirty old guest house.

the beach is amazing. watersports are huge.

patong beach on sunset

"no insurance" - don't say you haven't been warned.

on boxing day / night, they had a ceremony for the tsunami. hopey launched a massive lantern and people were setting off fireworks.

The power poles are draped in knotted tangles of black wires that shoot off in every direction like spider webs. As you walk by them you can hear the constant buzzing and zapping of loose connections. Some of the wires hang so low that you have to duck to clear them on the footpath.
Everywhere you look there is an old white man with sunburn and a singha singlet dragging a young thai girl behind him.

The street vendors are so aggressive. You can ignore the ones that yell "wallets, bags" at you, but when theyask where you’re from and try to shake you’re hand (and then hold it as they drag you into their store) you feel like a right prick just throwing your hands in the air and walking by.
we first saw this sign in the morning and it read: "all beers 10 B". but when we went back at 4pm they had added "off" after the price.

the drinks are pretty cheap though.

I have to shake my head at people who travel across the world to eat at a McDonalds! It’s crazy – you see the subway packed with tourists who’ve come to another country to experience what they could if they had only stayed at home.

We’ve been eating pretty much every meal from street vendours and I’m getting used to the spicy food here. It’s an intense burn that I’ve never experienced. I thought I was going to loose a layer of skin. I’ve learned that there’s nothing you can do to stop the burn, you just have to ride it out.
the chicken soup had pretty much every part of the chicken in it - liver, skin, eggs, feet. all up it cost 80 thb.

The road side stalls are just a scooter with a table attached full of rice, meat and vegetables. So we grab what we want and go find a nice gutter somewhere to eat it in. this is usually accompanied by a cool refreshing beer chang from 711 (37 bhat – about $1).
sittin on the steps drinking overproof beer.

you can buy beer and whisky from 711! awesome.

skin whitening is also pretty big overe here.

bottles are re-used (see the glass worn down on the touch points). so when you get a drink they will either pour it into a plastic bag and keep the bottle or you return the bottle to them after.

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