Tuesday, December 26, 2006

road rules in thailand

posted by mark:

what road rules? there's speed limit signs, but no one pays any attention to theem. hopey's cab from the airport got up to 140, and with no seatbelts in the back it can get a little hairy.

got a ute? well just bung in all your mates. i mean allllll of them. i've seen so many people crammed into the trays of utes over here. overloaded.

and if you've got a scooter? well that can seat about 5. seriously. i saw 5.

i nearly learned the hard way that zebra crossings don't mean shit over here. hopey pulled me from the path of a truck as i casually strolled out into traffic. they're useless. they may as well be painted on (hopey's joke, not mine).

car in front of you going a little too slow? well just overtake it. any side of the truck will do. i was in a bus today that overtook a truck as we came around a blind corner. stupid oncomming traffic should have just moved over! ha. and another time we over took a car on the inside while a ute overtook the same car, but on the outside.

oh, and lanes mean nothing. neither do sides of the road.

you're best bet is to hold tight and pray to buddah

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