Thursday, December 28, 2006

that's not my bag!!!

I made my way through the massive airport, passing the small side rooms that are reserved for smokers and weaved in between the massive vent structures that rose up from the ground to pump cold air on the travel weary crowds.

Eventually I found the line for my flight to Phuket. It ended with a overweight man standing next to a trolley loaded with bags, so I took my place behind him. As I did, his mobile rang.
“Yeah honey, I got a problem” he started in a thick American accent, “I’ve got too many bags” I heard him say.

He hung up and scanned the crowd, his eyes eventually falling on me.
“Can I ask you a question?” he started, but I knew exactly what he was going to say/
“You have every right to say no, but you’d be really helping me out. I’ve got too many bags, and they won’t let me take them all”
I couldn’t believe this. Every bad movie about drug smuggling ran through my head. All the things people had warned me about was happening.

“Sorry” I said shaking my head. I looked him over, he was about 50 years old and looked like my year 11 math’s teacher.

“It’s just stereo equipment. You can go through it if you like” but I was never going to take it for him, no matter what.

This could have easily been a set up. The phone conveniently rang just as I arrived next to him. Although to be fair, it could have been completely innocent.

I guess I’ll never know.


Deb said...

What's a thick American accent?

mark robert allen said...

you know, like a southern drawl.

Jack said...

i would have enjoyed a glamorous international court case (schappelle style of course) with poopy as star... seriously though. that's full on. keep on keeping on mate.