Monday, December 25, 2006

typical tourist

i'm such a tourist.

things i learned today:

- don't pet the many dogs and cats that litter bangkok's street's. why? rabies.

- never accept the first price. this really appealed to the bastard in me.

- temples. many many temples. i've been to just about all of them.

- never trust a tuk tuk (spelling?) driver. ever. yes, i did end up in a suit store today.

desecrating a temple. i'm going to hell anyway, so why not have some fun.

yeah, i guess it's pretty big...

my eyes are burning and i have a headache from all the smog i ingested while rding in the tuk tuk's today. you may as well just suck on an exhaust pipe.

speaking of tuk tuk's, those bastards are crazy. if traffic slowed or there wasn't enough room to fit between two cars, they just go onto the wrong side of the road. yeah, oncoming traffic.

the city is massive. it stretches out forever in all directions.

i learned how to cross the road in thailnad too. apparently, if you just dart across you'll cause an accident. instead, you have to slowly wander across the road to show traffic where you intend to go. they will then just drive around you. simple!

the road side store are great. you can get just about anything you want. the fresh fruit is peeled, diced and put into a bag for you to eat with a stick. so so good. but they also have a weired ice cream thing where you get a hot dog bun, with scoops of ice cream on it and canned corn pieces that is then covered with condensed milk. mmmmm, delicious.

hopey is still passed out. poor little fella. i'm gonna try to roust him now to see if he'll come try some ice cream with me.

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