Monday, December 11, 2006

WARNING: long rant

i'm killing time at a dodgy Internet cafe while i wait for hopey to get his injections so this rant might be all over the shop.
it's hard to believe that i'll be in thailand in a couple of days. it's all come about so quickly, but it's been a bunch of fun getting here.

sydney has been so good to me. i've spent some amazing and valuable time with my closest mates. i was a little worried that hopey's roomate bretty might be getting annoyed with a bloke that he had never met before crashing on his couch, but it turns out that he wants me to move in. ha ha.

my time here is slowly running out. soon i'll be celebrating Christmas in Bangkok, and zipping about on a scooter all around the countryside. as a first time traveller i can't even begin to imagine what that country has in store for me.
i saw this "kiss and ride" sign today. we have "hail and ride" signs in brissy, but this is a little different. it looks legit, and doesn't look like it's had a letter scratched off. the locals are a very friendly, but this is taking it to a whole new level.

maybe it's a prostitute stop?

i've been working my bum off in a couple of nightclub/bars down here, plying my trade to the locals - if you can call them locals, the majority of manly are internationals. imagine trying to take a drink order in an impossibly loud nightclub from a bloke that can hardly speak a word of english. needless to say my sign language has improved out of sight.

each bar is different and you learn to adapt to different tills, drinks and processes. at the moment i'm working in two very different bars. one is very professionally run and is one of many bars in a state-wide group. so as you can imagine, the moral sux because the suits have made sure there's no room for the staff to enjoy what they do.
the other bar is a locally owned and the mood is a little more laid back. it's a messy club, and i've seen some mad moments there but that's the way i like it. it's the sort of place that sees me hanging around after closing to have a couple of beers with the staff. i'm actually going to miss it when i leave - let's face it, it's no strip club though. ha ha.

Sunday night was huge. i worked at both bars with a half hour break in between. leo and the boys made and appearance so i fed them free beers and redbulls all night. at one point leo ordered a bundy and coke and i filled his glass with so much rum that there was only enough room for a teaspoon full of coke. he took his first sip at the abr without looking and nearly died. our bar was the only one open after all the rest closed so we got super slammed. but it's always more fun to be busy than it is to be quiet. we ran out of beer, ice, limes, and vodka, but powered through.

Sunday arvo at shelly beach

pictures, pictures, pictures. i've filled a bunch of cd's and a dvd with snapshots of random stuff as well as some pics i will work on when i get back. i can't imagine how many pics i'm going to get o/s.
everyone has been asking about my camera as i bring it in and out of the surf, and i've made half a dozen potential sales for the company. it's really been invaluable and i'm sure it'll come in super handy in Thailand.

anyways... i better go check on hopey the pin cushion. so until next time...


Jack said...

gday mate spack here,

just checking in. sydney eh... nice one. all things good here in akl.

Really been working hard at keeping the spack tradition in tact. so much so that i've run into our yacht (yep the one we race) with a chase boat. that incident blew out one of the inflatable tubes on my chase boat.

not being one to end it there. my chase boat had another fight with the yacht a week later. The yacht won out this time. blew the entire bow section of my inflatable tube out.

oh and i had our CEO onboard, trying to entertain guests, while this all went down. lovely.

have fun times in thailand.

cheers bud,


Anonymous said...

wow - seeing as though i have a mortgage now and can't afford to leave the house i've found that if i skol 3 tallies of xxxx, smash the last one on my own head, piss my pants and then read your blog -its feels as though i'm really there with you guys in sydney running amok. (sigh).....

Anonymous said...

also - i think kiss n ride is actually a commuter strategy i.e. kiss your spouse good bye as you put them on the