Thursday, January 04, 2007

koh pha ngan

fire dancers on the beach

haad rin beach early in the night.

the full moon partyu was actually on the 3rd, the day we were leaving. so we had to make do wtih the new years eve party, which was huge anyway.

'emotion of sushi' - i also had emotion of redbull and buckets

we started on 'buckets' early on and ended up taking over 200 pics just that night.


more buckets!

the last couple of days have been such a blur. we spent our days eating in the markets and the afternoons drinking at haar rin beach until the early hours of the mornings.

riding on the back ot a tuk tuk

the view on the way to haad rin

the food has been amazing. we've been eating from tiny road side stalls and massive night markets that are made up of lots of little scooters with food on specially made trays on the side. hopey and i had a green and red curry the other night and both nearly dies. i put so much extra chillie and oil in mine so i nearly passed out.

the meals were served with these conements. they were chillie, powder, chillie oil, rice wine vinegar and sugar. yeah sugar. they put it on their noodles and other food.

on new years day we went to the beach and hung out with some aussies up at a place called 'mellow mountain' which is a bar up on the rocks at the end of the beach.

the boys were spearing into some mushroom shakes which are legal over here, so we decided to try one. it tasted like a dirt milkshake., but a few minutes later we were feeling it.

hopey was nearly spewing and i kept hearing strange noises. by the time we were half way up the beach we were really tripping out. i found myself in a bathroom with my fce inches from a wooden door, patting it beacuse i thought i could see horse hair growing from it.

i've never done acid before, but i recon that's what it must be like.

we were feeling so sick and scattered the day after the mushrooms but it was our last day so we sucked it up and headed for the beach for one more bucket. we ended up in bed at 7am, with our ferry leaving at 10. those redbulls are really quite strong.

hopey meeting some new friends

more new friends. these girls had just had a mushroom shake.

so many people had bandages and massive grazes over their bodies beacuse of the scooters. the roads here are bad enough, but after new years everyone drove home drunk and there was so many crashes. we passed one guy laid out in a ditch with his bike upside down next to him.

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