Thursday, January 18, 2007

confessions of a strip club barman: back to work

back to australia and back to work.
i've settled back into work well, though it's not exactly taxing work though... but what a boring night tonight! at most, we had about three blokes in the club before midnight.

a quiet club is so much worse than when you're run off your feet.

we only put two girls on so they drank arse loads of redbull and cordial and chased each other around the stage throwing ice at each other while the dj and i flicked drink coasters at them.

the highlight of the night was overhearing a conversation between a punter and one of the girls who has just had breast implants:

stripper: what do you think of my fake boobs?
punter: cool. so, can you breast feed with those?
stripper: (cocks head to one side and thinks hard) um... i don't think so, i'm lactose intollerant.

i wish i could say i made that up, but it's too good.


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