Thursday, January 11, 2007

final thoughts on the thailand trip

back in Australia now.

back to fat westerners, arsehole bus drivers, fatty foods, people that don't say hi when you pass them in the street, responsibility, expensive beer, rude waiters, and 2 minute noodles.

i've been getting into trouble when i try to cross the road because i'm still in thai traffic mode where you just walk into heavy traffic and they drive around you or stop for you. not so much here though.

there's shrines and offerings of food left on most corners and in alleys. i guess it's a religious thing. but the're everywhere.

smog, pollution and haze covers the city of bangkok. my eyes were burning and my throat was so sore when i was there. the sun is obscured behind a constant cloud of smog.

want to go for a parasail? well you will have a little thai guy come with you. he sits up in the ropes, unsecured, and steers the parachute safely onto a tiny designated area on the beach. workplace health and safety? what workplace health and safety?

in bangkok, some of the thai people put coins in their ears to stop the ever present pollution from getting in. serious.

we were walking down from an overpass when we saw this black cable. when we looked, we could see that it was attached to a nearby powerline that was the same height as the platform, so they just strung it through the railings and over the footpath. what health and safety?

funny story about these thongs hopey has on. he brought them over from Oz and wore them to the nye party. at the end of the night everyone lost their thongs and hopey woke up with a large brown and small black thong on (pictured). he was devastated at loosing his favorite 'aussie' thongs.
then when we went to the beach that day we were walking past one of the mounds of rubbish on the beach when i spotted one of the thongs. some thai guy walking past told us that he saw the other one in another pile further down the beach and we completed the pair.
it was a one in a million chance that we would have found them again.

these guys were building the traditional thai long boats. he was hammering material in between the cracks to waterproof it.

dogs everywhere. every now and then one would just follow us for an hour or so. we couldn't shake this one so hopey walked into a hop and lost it. then later that day we saw it on the other side of the island.

scooters, brand new, for nearly 4,000 thb. (1,000 is about A$35). next time we would just buy one and tour around thailand.

it was sobering to see the shacks that they live in. they are bordered by hotels full of tourists.

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