Thursday, January 04, 2007

lost posts: krabi

so now that constant internet access is available in thailand i can post some of the stuff i missed before...


you want a corn soft serve?

cam and i booked a mini bus for 7am pickup from phuket to krabi. the bus was really just a minivan packed with other travellers and all the luggage was strapped top the roof.

again, thai driving gave me a reason to hold my breath a few times, especially with the lack of seatbelts, but we managed to arrive in one piece.

krabi is so much different to patong, phuket. the same dirty buildings being held up by a network of wires and clinging moss rotting in the humid air, but less busy and touristy.

this is the 'grand tower' hotel that we stayed in for a night. despite it's apperances (all the buildings look like this) it was one of the best places we've stayed.

the view from our room

everything here is much cheaper and i desperately want to get a bb gun, though i knolw i'll never get it through customs.

i so want one.

the lights have count downs so you know when the light will change.

we're off to koh phangan tomorrow for the new years eve party, which is the highlight of the trip.

hopey's gotten pretty sick from athsma and a mysterious cough that most of the travellers seem to have (fingers crossed for me), so he's been investing in lots of vitamin c, garlic and thai herbs to help fuight it.

i feel like i'm loosing the power of the english language. we were watching a movie last night and it took us a few moments to complrehend that it was in english.

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