Wednesday, February 21, 2007

blaze of glory

since i'm still on holidays i'm watching a lot of movies and playing an arse load of xbox. (ahh, the life of a uni student)

i've checked out the trailer for the new simpsons movie and it looks pretty good. I have a theory that when a popular tv show sells out and makes a movie it kills the show. look at the evidence; teenage mutant ninja turtles, pokemon (ok, not my favorite show, but still true),
um.... usually i have more shows in this list, but it's late and i can't think of more, you probably can though.

the simpsons have had a good run though, so maybe this is a good way to go out? in any case, it's a good way to boost merchadise sales. who knows, maybe we might start to see "don't have a cow man" t-shorts again? god i hope not.

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