Saturday, February 03, 2007

confessions of a strip club barman

we had a new girl start last night. this isn't anything new - staff turnover is pretty regular both in the bar and on the floor - but it's always interesting to see how the girls react to new staff.

the strippers generally are pretty friendly to new girls, but the hostesses (these are the girls who wait tables, don't strip and hustle for tips) can be really catty.

this all depends if that girl encroaches on tipping territory or not. i thought the new hostess was going to get slapped last night. the fact of the matter was that she was faster, friendlier and better at hustling than the old hostesses so she made more. this didn't go down very well though.

the owner of the club came with his henchmen and dug in at the end of the bar for a few hours. now, not many people know who the owner of the club is. he hardly ever comes in, and he's not very hands on.

One of the hostesses walked past him and he asked her to pick up an empty glass from a table, and she told him she was busy and would get to it in a minute. when he told her to get it now, she blew up at him, not knowing who he was. i mean, she really blew up at him, while i stood behind the bar, mouth open watching the horror story unfold in front of me. she's a hard edged bitch at the best of times (you have to be a little bit hard to work here), so she let loose at him with "you can't tell me what to do" and "i'll get it when i'm good and ready" thinking he was just a customer.

it wasn't until she said "who do you think you are?" that he told her that he owned the place.

twenty minutes later she was fired.


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