Saturday, February 03, 2007

confessions of a strip club barman

It's a few months shy of a year now that i've been reporting from the front line that is the strip club bar.

this job has given me no end of interesting stories and experiences and it continues to amaze me with the types of people i meet and the nature of their character that they reveal.

just last week a middle aged guy came to the bar and asked me if i could secure him some 'chemical enhancers' (his exact words). i laughed and told him that he wouldn't have much luck finding it here, which is true - strip clubs have enough trouble and headaches with having to renew their license every year, pressure from community groups and police so the last thing they want is to compromise this by having drugs in the club.

it wasn't until i looked at the guy that i recognised him. he was a client fro one of the biggest accounts held by an old office i used to work at. when i called him by his name he kid of froze and looked a little sheepish, smiled and walked off.

but i digress...

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