Tuesday, February 27, 2007

ethincs and blogging (or, blogging for cash)

ethics and transparency are the cornerstone upheld by most bloggers that want to be taken seriously and not alienate their readers.

that's why most bloggers that are being paid to blog or are affiliated with a company or organisation that they are posting about always state that hey have some sort of stake in, or employment by the stated organisation.

so where does this begin and where does this end? is there any sort of minimum stake/interest that should be divulged? does blogging about a new movie and not telling your readers that you're getting free tickets because of it weaken the message?

or should you only profess your interest in a company/product etc if you're directly employed by that company to write about them?

(markrobertallen is not currently being paid to blog about any subjects, products, or organisations)


Anonymous said...

"(markrobertallen is not currently being paid to blog about any subjects, products, or organisations)"

But you'd like to be, right?

mark robert allen said...

the opportunity has just presented itself to me so i've been toying with the ethical considerations.

if i take it up it would be on a separate blog. but still...

Deb said...

For what it matters, my opinion is if you can make some cash from it, go for it.

You are a student, the money would come in handy...... no?

mark robert allen said...

yeah i know. i think i will. will be tough trying to keep two blogs updated though!