Thursday, February 01, 2007

street art

i haven't posted about street art for a while lately. i guess passions change. i'm doing a lot more writing lately. nothing that i've published here, but the long empty days that the holidays have provided are giving me a great opportunity to write more. so i'm working on a little project at the moment that i'm hoping to have finished by the end of the year.... maybe.

anyways, so this is some street art that i wandered past today on my way to see the peoples at the old agency. a couple of these are by georg and 1337 whom i am not only huge fans, but had the opportunity to chat with last year when i was organizing a tv segment on Brisbane street art (which, when i returned from o/s found never came to fruition).

so seasons pass, passions change and i move onto soemthing new. i know that once uni starts however, i will be painting, blogging, and posting about street art more and more in an effort to find a constant distraction from the burden of study.

until then... stay tuned...

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