Wednesday, March 28, 2007

how to fix a full Gmail account

Do you have a Gmail account? If you do, how’s the capacity going? If it’s anything like mine, then you’re pretty much at the limit of the 2.8 gig.

Lately I’ve been trying to work out what to do to. I’m not a big fan of deleting emails, even if they are crap. So I went looking for alternatives.

I found that the best way to beat the capacity problem is to open a new Gmail account (most people have a few anyway). Then go into the ‘settings’ tab and set POP Forwarding from your old, full account, to the new, clean and empty one.

Make sure that you specify all emails delivered to the old address are deleted from the old inbox after they’re forwarded to the new inbox (so you don’t fill up the old one any more).

Once that’s set up, you have the option to change the settings in the new account so that the emails you send from the new account have your old email address as the sending address – thus keeping your original email address.

But, I had a pretty crap email address that I’ve always wanted to change, so I opted to use the new address as the sending name. This means that people can send emails to my old address, but any reply I send back will come from my new address. I’m hoping that in time, I can phase out the old email account.

You’ll also want to export all your contacts from the old account into the new one. Just go into contacts, and there’s an ‘export’ button across the top. Save it to your desktop, then log into your new account, go into ‘contacts’ and hit ‘import’ and get the contacts from your desktop.

If you’re planning on changing address like me, then you’re going to have to think about what a change in address will affect.

I have a bunch of Google accounts that I use regularly – Reader, Blogger, Homepage, etc. and because these accounts use your Gmail address as the login, you’re going to have to change these over too.

For Google reader, it’s as simple as logging in with your new email account and importing/exporting the feeds (the same as we did with Gmail).

Google. Homepage is a little trickier. You’re going to have to go back and manually put the elements back onto the webpage.

If you use Firefox (and you should be), just reset your personal information so that it uses your new email account and

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