Saturday, March 10, 2007

lots of useless crap

i keep a folder on my desktop called "blog". in this folder i put loads of crap that i come across every day but don't get around to blogging about. you know what it's like? i'm a lazy blogger.

well today that changes.

i want that folder gone, so i'm going to dump all the crap from that folder here. it's completely random and most of it was too crap for me to build a post around.

some of these fake motivational posters and pictures are dumb and crappy, but they're also funny, so shut up.

i can't even imagine what this image was originally for. i mean, what the hell?!!! he's a clown and he's clearly about to chloroform that girl and do some illegal balloon tricks on her.

i'm not going to say who this is for, needless to say that they know who they are. yes, that's right. i'm talking about you. everyone knows for gods sake. the next one's for you too.

ahh the wasted chick at the festival. she's rocking out hard. she's totally trashed. she loves everyone. she's... about to throw up on you.
is there anything better than a midget? hell yeah, a rock midget! rock out little guy. you could put him on your sholders so he could see and it'd be like yoda on luke's back in star wars... or maybe it'd just be creepy. and not a little creepy, a lot creepy.

awesome t-shirt. everyone loves ninja's. they just flip out and kill people. and those cool black pajama's they get to wear like all the time. rad.

absolutely love this shirt. funny cuz it's true. seriously.
ha ha. geeks are funny. they're so clever and they can code and fix those computer box things, but as if they know how to meet ladies.

i wanted to make up a caption about how the president was going to hold his breath until the insurgents surrendered but then lost was on tv and i just couldn't be bothered.

and speaking of presidents. how's old ronnie boy hocking cancer sticks? holy-unethical! i remember an old ad for ciggarettes from about the same time that had a picture of a doctor smoking and the caption read, 'more doctors smoke (insert brand here)'. oh well, if doctors smoke then how bad could they be?
this ad scares me. seriously. who would give a razor to a baby? sure, it's a "safety" razor. but c'mon, how safe could those old razors really be? they were just an exposed blade? and who wants their baby to shave anyway?
notice the caption up the top: "begin early"? talk about trying to expand your market. i can just imagine the marketing meeting back in the day;

"gentlemen, we need sell more razors. any ideas?"
"what about babies? if babies start shaving, we would sell more razors."
"brilliant Johnson, you'll make vice president some day! of course we would have to make them safety razors."
"oh, of course."

i love this picture, and it's not just becasue she's topless. i love the fact that she's worked out how to drink a beer despite the fact that she's handcuffed. brilliant. truly brilliant. she's hot and she had priorities.

ahhh tom. when you fall out of favor, you really fall don't you? i think that's katie on the bench behind him.

well this was just plain funny. ha ha


Deb said...

I borrowed your midget picture.

mark robert allen said...

that's alright, i borrowed it from someone else too!