Thursday, March 22, 2007

never laugh when someone says 'lesbian'

it's always hard to focus in the boring law & ethics lecture at the best of times, but today it was made even harder by the bloke in front of me who had waited until the lecture had started to catch up with his mate.

i entertained fantasies of stabbing him in the back of the head with my bic pen while the lecturer explained the importance of ethics in a healthy business model.

she was tying to explain how hard it used to be to persuade people that ethics were important in contributing to a profitable business.

"when i would talk about ethics, people would look at me like i was some sort of dirty, hippie, lesbian"

with the mention of the word 'lesbian' the whole lecture theater erupted in laughter and surprised when i caught myself thinking 'how bloody immature'.

was i really that old that i couldn't laugh at something like that? i definitely was an immature person so what was the problem. that's when i noticed that the majority of the students were between 17 and 20 years old.

i could almost feel my hair turn grey - well i was a mature age student after all. i had to try to fit in with the young kids and blend into the wave of giggles and laughter.

'ha ha ha... lesbian' i chuckled, but i was too late and it came just as the laughter had died down so it was heard by everyone and echoed through the cavernous theater. and i had the eyes of 300 kids and a lecturer burning me to a cinder where i sat.

why couldn't i have just been happy as the seedy old student jeering at people who talk and been happy with that?

bloody kids.

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