Friday, March 09, 2007

out and about round the valley

i always carry a camera with me where ever i go. most of the time i try to take my olympus, but for small, random pics of things i tend to whip out the old samsung camera phone.

here's some pics from random wanderings out and about in the valley near where i live. the shots might not make sense or be well framed, but they show the eclectic make up that is fortitude valley.

council workers. boy are they lazy. we went past this worksite in the middle of the valley one day and counted 8 council workers leaning on their shovels while one guy operated some machinery.
they caught me taking photos and one shouted "at least we're at work ya poof!" ha ha. little defensive are we?

i tried to jump into the back of this cab but fatty the driver was so fat that he had to have the seat so far back that it nearly rested against the chair in the back seat.

nuff said really

this si the laundy where all the hookers stand out the front of. it's a seedy place but reminds you of where the valley has come from and for the most part, still is.

speaking of the dirty, crazy valley. this is a group of 50 something's who were"busking" in the mall one night. one on guitar, one on a little flute and the other one was just shouting incoherently. ahhh alcoholics, they're a source of constant entertainment.

after seeing this i started using my handcuffs to lock up my bmx. it's so easy and they fit into your back pocket.

i catch the cross river ferry a lot and i have a bunch of pics of it. it's a tiny old wooden boat that's been round for ages. it's a real juxtaposition to the new steel city kitties. this is the view of my side of the river from the ferry.

view from inside. it's manned by one bloke who just makes cross river runs all day and night. i can't imagine how incredibly repetitive it would be. the crossing takes less than 2 mins and as soon as he arrives he sets off again for the other side.

this old guy sits on the ferry jetty at nights in his electric wheel chair. i asked if he wanted help getting onto the boat but he said that he never gets on. he just sits, watches the river, smokes and talks to people getting on and off. i called hims santa, but i don't think he liked that very much.

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