Wednesday, April 04, 2007


ok, so i'm walking past a dodgy used car place in the valley when i notice that they're employing something to get extra attention to their shitty little lot.

they've set up a mannequin complete with blond wig so that it's kind of bending over a little facing away from passing traffic.

i find it a little creepy.


Anonymous said...

Hey Poos,
try and find the new ad campaign for 'B-Pay'
Its fucked, it has two big signs on the side of buses in Sydney.. one that says... 'DON'T WALK' And then another with some shit about paying bills is as easy as catching a bus.. Australia 2nd fattest country in the world and companies tell people not to walk cause there really are easies ways to get things done.. Weird.. love you, Lee

Unknown said...

yeah we've got it up here too. it all involves ethics in advertising. if a couple of people complain they will have to withdraw the ad.