Wednesday, April 18, 2007

baba's rockbox

sydney mate and thermin mermin look-a-like, leo features on this site for an instrument called the rockbox.

Baba's Rockbox™ originates from a Box drum, also commonly known as a
Cajon.Typically made from timber, these wooden drums are found extensivley
throughout Cuba, Peru and Spain. The Cajon is the favoured percussive instrument
for Flamenco style music.

Unlike the traditional cajon, Baba's Rockbox™ drums are specifically
designed for and suited to Rock, Blues, Funk, Boogie, Techno, Rap, World Music,
Electronic and even Jazz in an unplugged or lightly amplified enviroment.They're
excellent for jamming, and also small venues such as cafes, restaurants etc.

link to baba's site

link to youtube site for more rockbox demo's

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