Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Got Joost?

i'd heard about Joost through Time magazine, but it wasn't until dodson gave me a beta tester login that i was able to check it out for myself firsthand.

Joost is the new project by the billionaire twosome that brought the world kazaa and skype. it's basically internet tv, and yeah, it's been done before, but not like this though.

you're presented with a clean interface and easy navigation on your computer and an ever growing list of licensed content. this means that there is no worries about being sued or recieving angry lawyer letters.

while it's good n'all, i found that it was too much for my little system. but if you have a good connection and have recently had to upgrade your system (vista machines, i'm looking at you!), then you'll have no problems.

my final thoughts on it are that it shows great potential, but it's just not for me until i have a better connection and a faster machine.

link to write up on josh spear

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